sexta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2012

2 filhos de Franciso (Two Sons of Franciso)

Two sons of Franciso, is the Brazilian film tapping the history of Brazil's most famous country singers Zezé di Camargo and Luciano.  The 2005 film became the second most successful in the last 20 years in terms of audience. It grossed $13 million worldwide and $8 million in Brazil. It won Havana Film Festival for Audience award for Best Film

A very simple film which reveals the startling history filled with poverty, struggle, sacrifice, dedication and boundless family values. The film portrays how the father (Fransciso) of the singers played a crucial role in their success. Growing up in the farm and later moving into the city (Goiania, Goias) to pursue a better living was critical in the duos career. Along with strikingly emotional aspects, the film brings in beautiful photography, art design and script.

The film received quick responses from the Brazilian and world audiences for the intense emotional depictions of childhood struggles, death, success, perseverance and family backings. The music’s from the duo during the film gave additional flavor.The appearance of the duos parents during a live concert in the last scene of the film was sensational.

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