segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Sri Sathya Sai Mahasamadhi gathering, São Paulo

Sri Sathya Sai organization, Ibirapuera center in São Paulo is inviting devotees and friends to participate in the gathering marking the first Mahasamadhi (Supreme death) anniversary of his holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba. On this divine sermon, mantras, bhajans will be enchanted followed by discourse and videos.
Date: 24/04, 7:30pm
Local: Centro Sai do Ibirapuera, Av.Brigadeiro Luiz Antonio, 3230, sala 7
Contact: luizcarlosgodoy@gmail.com

quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2012

India Exhibition, "INDIA | BHARATH" in São Paulo

The India exhibition “INDIA” “Bharath” will portray the ancient, popular and contemporary Indian art styles by various renowned artists and rare artifacts. The exhibition will offer the audience to get a naked glance over the paintings and sculptures of which some are over 2000 years older.  It will be largest exhibition of Indian culture ever held in Brazil. Once again, the city of São Paulo is bestowed and offers the locals and people from other states of Brazil a fantastic opportunity. Over 300 art pieces distributed across 18 rooms will gives an experience of life time.

Where: Centro cultural Banco do Brasil | Rua Alvares Penteado, 112, Centro, São Paulo
When: 14/02/2012 – 29/04/2012, Tuesday – Sunday between 9:00am until 21:00pm
Contact: (11) 3113. 3651
Entry : Free

quarta-feira, 4 de abril de 2012

Christ the Redeemer, God has blessed Brazil

From Back - Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio De JaneiroLittle beyond 500 years ago, Christianity has not reached its prominence in the Latin American hemisphere. In Brazil with the Portuguese colonization Christianity tweaked in, took a spasmodic expansion and became a popular religion. Portuguese has erected many temples (Churches) of Gods and saints across Brazil in favor of religion and spread its messages (prophecies). However, Brazil has a unique mixture of various religions and religious practices. Interestingly, all these sects, creeds of people live in high reconciliation (harmony), admiring recognition and hybrid transparency.

As a tribute to Jesus Christ, the Brazilians started erecting iconic statue of "Christ the Redentor " across Brazil. The hilariously popular and gigantic "Christ the Redeemer" in Rio de Janeiro is the largest statue of Jesus in Brazil and 5th largest statue in the world. It was embraced among one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World”. It was basically made of reinforced concrete and soapstone; it is 39.6 meters, weights 635 tones. It is strategically and structurally mounted on top of the mountain Corcovado in the Tijuca Forest National park, Rio de Janeiro. It was originally designed by Brazilian, Heito da Silva Costa along with French Sculptor Paul Landowski. The statue was raised between 1926 and 1931, with funds generated from donations. The statue was inaugurated in 1931 by then president of Brazil Getulio Vargas and Cardinal Dom Sebastiao.

For many decades these statues stood erect and represented an outstanding reciprocation of spreading the messages by the Son of God, the son of Virgin Mary. These statues are basically footed on the top of a hill or highlands to give an overlooking and provoking sight. The photographic and adrenaline pumping visual experience from the top makes it one of the most visited places in the southern hemisphere. 

The size of the statues varies from cities and are mostly made of reinforced concrete and painted in white. During my stay in Brazil, I had a glance while I was passing by the highways. I was taken aback by this unique phenomenon and the special interest of Brazilian community in mounting the structure. I had the grandest opportunity to visit some of the statues at Poços de Caldas, Albertina, E.S Pinhal, Vinhedo, Aguas da Prata, Ouro Preto and couple more. I strongly recommend those who has plans to visit Brazil, should never miss a snap standing beside Christ. 

A useful selection and demonstration of architecture with greatness to religion and promotion of tourism. It has become an icon of  huge commercial success with widely sold out postcards, T-shirt, flyer, banners and documentaries. The films shot in Rio de Janeiro never miss to incorporate a quick aerial view of Christ. All these statues that I had visited and not visited bare a very strong message of faith, peace, diversity and love. It is told that, those people living in its proximity gains strong energies and a sense of healing. Yet again, “God has blessed Brazil again”.

Follow the below link to experience some of the best shots of Christ in Rio

terça-feira, 3 de abril de 2012

Vaishakhi celebration in São Paulo

Vaisakhi, one of the most celebrated harvest festivals in Sikh calendar. It is the Sikh New Year and either falls on 13 or 14th of April. It is celebrated by the Sikhs and Indians across the globe. The festival incorporates dancing, singing, music, wearing of colorful fabulous garments and prayers followed by delicious foods. This day is observed as the beginning of the Hindu solar New Year in various parts of India.

On this festive occasion of high religious significance, the Indian Cultural Centre, São Paulo is organizing and inviting the Indians, friends of Indians and Brazilians to participate and make this event memorable. It will be held at Indian Cultural Centre on 12/04, from 18:00 to 20:00pm.  

Invitees are recommended to bring snacks of Indian or Brazilian flavors and beverages. 

For any information, please connect through:
contatoicc@indiaconsulate.org.br | (11) 3149 3340


Expedições Acauã 2012 “Norte Extremo”

The Shopping Santa Ursula brings an exhibition that portrays a unique journey packed with of unusual culture and landscapes across Latin America. A series of 84 photographs snapped during the “7th expedition of Acauã”, which extends from the states of northern Brazil and countries like Guyana, Suriname.

The group faced various challenges while covering the most dangerous and beautiful landscapes in the planet earth like marsh roads, dense forest and wild animals. They travelled 6500kms (2500kms of dirt road), seven ferries (36 hours in a stretch across Amazon River) in a group of 6 adventurists from Ribeirão Preto.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. 

When : 17/03 – 15/04
Time : 10:00 am – 10:00pm, Monday – Friday, Weekends and Holidays
Location : Sopping Santa Ursula
Entry : Free
Content : Photography