terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

Captures from the beaches of Sao Paulo

Recently along with my family, i had the opportunity to visit some of the exotic and fantastic beaches of Sao Paulo. 
Ubatuba, which is 240kms from Sao Paulo city, which has 120kms stretch of beach shore with 84 beaches.
Bertioga and Riveira de São Lorenço, which is roughly 100kms from Sao Paulo city. The first Brazilian fort was built here.
Finally Santos, the home of Santos football club and the legend Pele. Also known for the fantastic waves for surfing and the first Surf Club of Brazil

Torrid sun!!!An afternoon at Bertioga beach

Little Duda is ready to go back to Sao Paulo. She got her bags and her teddy "Terrible" and sat on the trunk of the car

Dove basking under the sun, Bertioga beach

On the way to Cedar beach, the baby girl got my fathers white beard.

On the way to get ferry to Cedar Beach, an underwater diving beach which is about 25minutes from Itagua, Ubatuba

Evening view from the top of Fort Joao at Bertioga. It was the first Brazilian fort built.

The fishing boats taking rest in the evening, near fort Joao and the famous fish market.

Its play time mama!!! kids enjoying the morning sun at Riveira de São Lorenço, Bertioga

Acrobatic skills, a mother helping her child with some acrobatic posture, Riveira, Bertioga

Surfers Paradise, Santos has a museum of surfing and the first surf club of Brazil. Famous for its extraordinary waves.

Evening hunting at Itagua, Ubatuba