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“Amazon” - a riveting and stark escapade in Amazon with Bruce Parry

"The Amazon is a metaphor for the world” admits Bruce Parry, UK ex-mariner, ardent adventurist and presenter. His riveting journey exposed naked truths of the Homo sapiens, floras and faunas throbbing in Amazon. Although he had prior experiences with forests and tribes this documentary series gave him grotesque and yet pulsating revelations. His earlier series “Tribe" had received immense and immediate global attention.   

"Amazon with Bruce Parry", is an exhilarating 6 episode series produced and broadcasted by BBC. Bruce escapade spanned about 7 months and over 6.800km through the Amazon. The story begins with the disputed origin of Amazon, at around 5000 meters high at the Andes Mountain. The droplets melting out of the ice from Andes makes it the biggest ecological glamor. Bruce spends time with the Alpaca farmers who live near the origin, Nevado Mismi.

Every year tons of soil swept away from Sahara desert by wind and are deposited in the Amazon. This process has empowered Amazon for millions of years, a global commute. Amazon is one of the largest respiratory organ of the earth. It is a jungle of mystery with thousands of rich diversified species of floras and faunas. Every year a huge percentage of forest disappears silently and the pace of environmental disaster is unquestioned.

For the indigenous, Amazon rainforest is the lifeline of their existence and for decades they are being haunted by poachers, ranchers and multi-nationals. Bruce says It's about the hopes and wishes of indigenous communities trying to grapple with a mad modern world where they face losing their language, identity and in some cases, their lives. It's about people who are so important to the world, who could teach us all so much in these troubled times. That's what Tribe is to me.”  

The series clearly portrays the tribe’s resistance to permit Bruce and his crew into their community. However, he stays with Achuar people (who had contact with the outside world for less than 40 years) where he tried the sacred drink Ayahuasca. His lessons from Ayahuasca was moving, his ego has prevented him from seeing the visions. Despite of true efforts, the tribes treats Bruce with suspicious eyes. Bruce contemplates, the tribes are getting reunited, alerted to protect and preserve their traditions from intruders.

The petroleum companies are bustling in the Amazon basin and the ecology is disrupted. The fishes started to die, soils/land and fresh water system are polluted from oil spills and other chain of ecological impacts. On the other hand, some regions of the Amazon are extremely dangerous and are occupied by deadly coca planters and poachers. Bruce and crew had true grit to encounter closely the production of cocaine in an undisclosed location hidden under the woods. They luckily escaped from the raids of the patrolling helicopter. The nature of this business is prickly and threatening. These planters take huge risk in planting coca plants for a meager price of $100 which is sold out for millions in the international market. These planters are poor, however they are part of the chain. Where us the middlemen or dealers mints a huge chunk of money. 

After a treacherous and exciting trekking through the Peruvian Amazon he enters the Brazilian Amazon, he was welcomed by the Carnival festival at Benjamin Constant. Interestingly Amazon River takes on many names until reaching Brazil. He had a very memorable and stark experience with the tribes in the Brazilian Amazon as well. He visits Grota Rica and uncovers a widespread excavation by humans for gold. Bruce winds up his journey in the Para state in Brazil where huge deforestation is undergoing for cattle farming. Here the battle between the ranchers and indigenous is red hot.

I strongly recommend watching this documentary which will offer a deep understanding of Amazon rainforest and its living beings associated with it. The sheer scale of exploitation in Amazon has been a flaming pot for decades and a little has been done. This documentary peeps into the realities of the indigenous and the scale of wide sprung deforestation, perhaps the largest exploitation by human beings on the planet. It is an awakening call to the whole humanity. 

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